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Chocolate Chip Dessert Candles

Chocolate Chip Dessert Candles

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These desserts are made to order! They take two weeks to set before they can be shipped off. 

The entire cake is scented and have eco friendly wicks but are meant for decoration! If you do want to burn them be sure to have a plate under them to catch the wax. Also be sure to cut the wick after each use. 

The sprinkles are at random and colors may vary from the pictures. If the toppings fall off for whatever reason they can easily be placed back on top.

 All items are delicately made by hand, please understand that there may be imperfection and slight variation in appearance by nature.



The candle is made out of soy wax ♡


🌸🌸 Returns & Exchanges 🌸🌸

🌸 Due to the nature of our items,returns and exchanges are not accepted.We offer quality items to our customers, however please let us know if your item is damaged or defective and we will do our best to take care of you. Differences in color or small imperfections are inevitable, All situations are treated on a case-by-case basis.

🌸🌸 Shipping 🌸🌸

🌸Please make sure your mailing address is correct before submitting an order.Yuriko Studio is not responsible for items shipped to an incorrect address provided with payment.

🌸 If tracking says, "delivered" but you have not received your package, please contact or visit your local postal office as soon as possible, and give them your tracking number to track your mail. Unfortunately, once the item ships and is marked delivered, it is out of our control to retrieve them.

🌸Please remember that shipping estimates around any holiday can be unpredictable, and there may be delay in delivery times. While packages generally arrive much sooner, please allow the post office up to 1-2 weeks for Domestic delivery and up to 3-4 weeks for International delivery before resending/refunding for non-delivery.

Care Instructions

Please keep in mind that these candles are NOT food and please do NOT eat them.. They are meant for decor. If you plan on burning them then please be sure to:

🌸Put a plate underneath to catch the wax

🌸Keep any flammable objects away from the candle

🌸Trim the wick after every use

🌸Keep out of reach from children and pets

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